Visit the Real shop

Points to note when coming to the real shop.

The real shop is in a room of an old apartment in Osaka, Japan.

A room is the 3rd floor on the stairs on right side. Please take off your shoes at the entrance and put bring to the real shop.

Other rooms are houses. Please visit us quietly and promptly.


建物に入って右側「35 ささじま」の下駄箱にスリッパがありますのでご自由にお使いください。玄関には靴を置かず、靴を持ってお上がりください。



Schedule / 予定表

Yello text: open the real shop / blue text : do the event at another venue

How to get to the real shop


Closest JR station is tenma.
if use the Subway, Please get off Nakazakicho, Ogimachi or Tenjimbashisuji 6 station.
It's about 5 min walk from Each of the station.

来 店 予 約 / お 問 合 せ

Please send message from following form or email to when you want to coming to the real shop.

お名前 : Name

メールアドレス :
E-mail address

ご来店希望日 :
What date want to you comming?

ご希望の時間帯 :
What time want to you comming?

備考 : notes

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